Tustin PD Run with a Cop

Run with a Cop

Run with a Cop

Tustin PD run club offers kids much more than physical fitness. “Run with a Cop” is one of the Tustin Police Department’s latest community outreach programs.

The program, started by Tustin Officer Roque, inspires students to embrace health and physical fitness while learning how to care for their community. The idea behind this is to just get kids moving.

Officer Roque talked to the kids about fitness, the benefits of healthy eating, and the importance of hydrating and getting enough sleep. He also took several opportunities to talk about being respectful and taking care of the community by not littering.

Roque instilled these lessons as the students ran laps for five minutes without stopping and played follow the leader through an obstacle course that included weaving in and out of cones and hopping on one foot over agility ladders.

The program not only taught the kids about fitness, it also helped to build trust in the community by interacting with the officers.

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