Team Kids Challenge

Haylee Forster of Team Kids speaks to students during Tuesday’s Team Kids Challenge kickoff event, telling the kids, “You are the perfect age to change the world.”

Team Kids in partnership with the Tustin Police Department and the Orange County Fire Authority hope to inspire students to make a notable impact in their community through small acts of selflessness and kindness.

Team Kids is a program that brings community role models, such as police officers and firefighters, to elementary schools to encourage children to engage in service.

The Team Kids program started 15 years ago. It teaches about teamwork, self-worth and how to make a difference in their community, that can help develop a stronger community and empower the youth to be responsible, compassionate and dedicated leaders.

The students commit to the month-long challenge that incorporates charitable giving each week.

The Heideman Elementary School students collected food for the nonprofit Families Forward, clothing for the homeless, and blankets, towels and dog toys for a local animal shelter.

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